Wall units

Wall units

Belt barrier wall units from Tensabarrier have been designed to fix securely to a vertical surface like a wall or post. This allows for an effective barrier solution that is ideally suited to cordon off doorways, corridors, walkways and elevators. The wall mounted barriers are available with different fixings if required, allowing them to be secured to a variety of different surfaces including glass and warehouse racking. If you have a specific requirement and don’t see what you need please contact us for more information.

Wall mounted retractable belt barriers help to maintain order, flow and safety in any environment. They enable the restriction of access to out of bounds areas and are commonly seen across a variety of sectors including:

  • Supermarkets and other retail spaces including shopping centres
  • Leisure environments – cinemas, gyms
  • Airports, Bus & Rail Stations
  • Tourist attractions – museums, visitor centres
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail banking
  • Sporting venues
  • Events venues
  • Warehouses
  • Loading bays
  • Manufacturing environments

Retractable barriers that are wall mounted are ideal to be used in situations and environments that only have limited floor space. Once they are fixed to a surface or wall, the tape end can be pulled out and secured to an adjacent wall using a wall clip. A standard wall clip is supplied with each unit but Tensator has designed wall clips for different requirements that are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Available with the same advanced safety features as free standing Tensabarrier, retractable wall mounted barriers from Tensator use the same previously patented braking system. This slow release technology means that accidental release of the tape end doesn’t pose a danger as it activates the braking system. This ensures that the webbing drops down before slowly retracting back into the unit. This safety feature reduces the risk of injury as the tape end doesn’t uncontrollably whip around and lash the user or passer-by.

Tensabarrier wall mounts are available in a selection of colours and finishes depending on the unit selected. They are available in both metal and plastic finishes, which allow for a selection of powder coated finishes and plastic colours. If you don’t see the colour or finish you require contact us directly.

The different units provide webbing options that are available in different lengths. These range from 2.3m to 9m meaning they are suitable for use in a variety of environments. You can purchase the webbing in several colours including black, red and blue and also in chevron colours as well as a few other colours.

The units available are in different sizes and have been developed to meet the ever changing needs of our customers, ensuring you have the best solution for your own requirements. You can be confident that you are receiving a superior quality product

By installing wall mounted retractable stanchions you can effectively communicate out of bounds areas to customers, visitors and staff creating safer environments. They also provide guidance around your premises. With the addition of well-placed signage, wall units can improve customer flow and reduce confusion.


How do wall-mounted retractable barriers work?
Wall mounted retractable belt barriers work by first being secured to a wall or other flat surface. Once it has been secured you can then simply pull the tape end and fix it to a wall clip on the adjacent wall. It can be provided with alternative fixings, suitable for different surfaces such as glass or warehouse racking.

How do I establish how many wall units I require?
Once a wall unit is secured to the wall it would be better to leave it in that location but with some options you can reposition the cassette if you would like it to pull out in a different direction. There is always the option to purchase additional wall clips that would allow for the webbing to be secured in another direction.

Are these products suitable for outdoor use?
The wall mounted belt barriers that have plastic casing are suitable for outdoor use.

How far does the belt stretch?
The webbing on Tensators Wall Mounted retractable belt barriers is available to buy from 2.3m to 9m depending on the unit. If you require a longer unit the Maxi Wall Unit is perfect for covering large areas. We have a selection of wall units to cover smaller areas including the Mini Wall Unit and Heavy Duty Wall unit . For everything inbetween we have the Midi Wall Unit.

What colour and design options are available?
With all wall units you can select from a range of body colours and webbing colours, designs and messaging options to suit a variety of requirements.

Are the products suitable for use as a safety barrier?
Yes, if you are trying to cordon off the same area regularly for safety reasons they are a great solution.