Queuing Posts

Tensator’s queuing barriers range from cost effective to the superior, offering the perfect solution whatever your requirement. Tensabarrier posts are ideal for customer-facing environments and enable you to create a clear queuing area which enables a more efficient process, providing you with cost savings and improving customer experience.

Sophisticated safety features on our queuing barriers reduce the chance of injury and are the popular choice for areas that experience high footfall. They are widely used in a number of high profile airports and retail spaces worldwide.

Queuing Posts

Retractable queue barriers from Tensabarrier and Queueway are superior crowd control barriers that work by creating a clear queuing environment for waiting customers, reducing frustration and speeding up the flow of your queue which improves efficiencies. They effectively guide and inform customers and offer safety in crowd control.

When installed, these queue control barriers not only offer improved efficiencies they also provide crowd management and improve crowd safety by managing the flow of customers and visitors throughout your premises by clearly marking people traffic routes. They provide visible order to your waiting lines and reduce customer uncertainty as to where to queue.

These queue barrier posts have been developed as a result of our understanding of the pressures seen by our customers. We have gained that knowledge and understanding over many years. Offering a clear queuing environment can improve customer experience, and a poor customer experience can have a lasting impression.

You can buy both Tensabarrier and Queueway posts in a selection of standard colours and finishes to suit the most popular interior requirements and tastes. Once you have chosen your post colour you can choose a webbing colour/design from our offering – if you can’t see what you need please contact us as we have a wider selection to choose from offline. We offer a selection of coloured webbing options to suit a range of branding colours or interior requirements, we also offer chevron options which are best suited for safety purposes. Our webbing is available in a width of both 50mm and 150mm and in lengths from 2m to 3.65m. All options are digitally dyed creating a high quality finish that is highly resistant to wear and tear.

Our selection of Tensabarrier queuing posts provide one of the safest barriers on the market, unlike competitor products we have an originally patented braking system that slows the retraction of the webbing, eliminating the risk of an accident within your queue. These posts are compatible with a selection of accessories, including post top signage and merchandising bowl that help to enhance your queuing environment.

The Queueway posts are a cost effective solution that offer the same benefits in queuing without the advanced features. They are not compatible with the same range of accessories but still offer crowd safety and guidance. Our barriers are commonly seen in a wide range of environments including:

  • Retail spaces – shops, supermarkets and shopping centres
  • Tourist attractions – museums, visitor centres
  • Airports
  • Bus & rail stations
  • Educational Institutions – schools, colleges, universities
  • Hospitality Industry – hotels, restaurants, cafes
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitality environments such as hotels and restaurants
  • Financial Sector – banks, building societies, credit unions
  • Leisure environments – cinemas, gyms
  • Sporting Venues – stadiums, clubs, leisure centres
  • Event venues – exhibition halls, conference centres, concert venues


How do queuing belt barriers work?
Our posts are freestanding and portable allowing you to position them within the area of your choice. Once they are in position you can extend the webbing simply by pulling the tape end and securing it to an adjacent post.

How does someone plan a queue layout/establish how many products they require?
When planning a large queue layout, create a grid for your queuing area and measure the floor space. Also be aware of any structural obstructions within your grid. Once you have determined the size of the grid you then work out entrance and exit points and work on a basis of 1.2m aisle width (this is measured from post centre to post centre) as a minimum to allow for pushchairs, wheelchairs and ease of movement. We highly recommend that you determine a separate, dedicated route for wheelchair users and factor this into your planning.

Although the webbing can be extended to 2.3m we recommend that you allow for a maximum extension between posts to 2m. This is to allow some give in the webbing in case they’re knocked.

If you require any help planning your queue layout, please contact us.

Are these queue management systems suitable for use outside?
The queuing barriers in stainless steel are more suited to outdoor use but they are not advised to be left outside.

How far does the retractable belt stretch?
The webbing is available in a number of different lengths from 2m in the wide webbing to up to 3.65 in the standard webbing barriers. Individual details are available in each product description.

What height are your barriers?
Our barriers can vary in height depending on the base, but generally they are around 970mm in height.

Are the products suitable for use as a safety barriers?
Our queuing barriers are most suited as safety barriers when used with our high visibility chevron webbing. They can cordon off areas that are out of bounds and help to maintain a safe working environment. We have a wide range of safety barriers as well that suit many different requirements.

Picking the right barrier for you

Our queuing barrier range has been developed to meet the needs of our customers. If you need to frequently move individual posts then the Rollabarrier is ideal. If you require a highly visible barrier, the Advance Plus post offers an eye-catching wider webbing. Each of our posts have been designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry. If you would like more information about which of our solutions would suit your individual needs or if you don’t see exactly what you want, please contact us.